Factory Compliance Analyst

Cleveland, OH, United States
Mar 06, 2017
Apr 04, 2017
Contract Type
Full Time


The Compliance Champion promotes full compliance to both internal and external Nestlé requirements within the scope of Nestlé Continuous Excellence (NCE) Foundations at the site. Working with the local compliance network and SME's, establish the Network Routines.  As the Compliance Network leader within the Factory, maintains a focus on developing competency in compliance systems, tools and methodologies.  

The Compliance Champion coordinates the Nestlé Management Systems (NQMS, NSMS, NEMS, and NFSMS) [Nestlé Quality Management System, Nestlé Safety Management System, Nestlé Environmental Management System, and Nestlé Food Safety Management System] within his/her Factory, to establish standard business processes and gain organizational commitment to maintain certifications and compliance to ISO, OHSAS, NQMS, FSSC, NMA/NGA audits, Nestlé Policies, Procedures and “other requirements”.

The Compliance Champion coordinates the Standard Routines for the factory Systems related to the NCE Compliance Foundation to establish standardization and build capability in Compliance. The Compliance Champion acts as a liaison to the Technical Group Compliance Network, working with corporate resources, factory Leadership Team and the factory Compliance Network to ensure those gaps in compliance and the compliance systems are closed in a timely manner.

The Compliance Champion is not the SME for Functional requirements; rather implementation & gap closure are the responsibility of the Functions, Process Owners and their representatives.


• Compliance Network Leader for the Factory

• Responsible for Nestle Management Systems sustainability in the Factory

• Market Compliance Network liaison representing the Factory within the Technical Group Compliance Network


System Accountability

• Coordinates the implementation and application of the Compliance Network Management Routines for the Factory

o Network Review Practices

o Competency Matrix

• Support the Capability Building plan for the Factory Compliance Network to meet the objectives.

• Coordinate the Standard Routines to maintain compliance to Nestlé Management Systems

o System maintenance routines (SWOT, RACI, Loss Analysis, etc.)

o Coordinate the Internal & External Audit calendar

o Is a Lead auditor for one of the management systems at the factory (NQMS, FSMS, SMS, EMS)

o Scheduling / organizing external audits

o Ensure communication of audit results

o Regular reporting of compliance results

o Applying the NCE tools & methodologies to the Compliance Systems

• Lead the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Compliance Network at the Factory.

o Implement and maintain the systems  for Compliance, and verify effectiveness:

• Audit Management (Internal, External)

• Non-Conformance Management

• Nestlé Policies and Standards Management (Operation Instructions)

• Change Management

• Management Review

• Document Control

• Record Control

• GLOBE Compliance Management (GFI, Health Checks)

• Management by Process (Process Description, Process Mapping)

Training, Coaching, & Assessing

• Active member of the Technical Group Compliance Network

o Owner of one of the Compliance systems within the Network

o Represents the TG Compliance Network within the Factory

o Train the local Network to build competency

• Promote a culture of full Compliance, and incorporate Best Practices from throughout the Network.

o Coordinate the Factory Compliance Network, or group of responsible SME's from each function within the factory

o Train and coach the Factory to build competency in Compliance Systems, Tools and Methodologies

• Support process owners in the successful completion of NMA/NGA audit

• Lead the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Compliance Network within Factory.

• Evaluates (assesses) the effectiveness of the Factory Compliance Network.


Bachelor's degree required


Internal Auditor Certification to NQMS and/or ISO 9001

Process-Based Auditing systems such as NQMS and/or ISO 9001

Compliance management experience (Quality, SH&E, HR, Finance, or other)

NCE Goal Alignment experience: factory or head office

Leading continuous improvement projects


• Interpersonal Influence - ability to influence others within the organization to be excited, enthused and committed to furthering the objectives

• Accountability - accept personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work.  Can be relied upon to achieve results with minimal oversight.

• Good business insight and understanding - knowledge and understanding of the organization and business and functional relationships

• Coordinating and organization - Good priority setting and organizational skills, effectively coordinate activities and schedules to ensure efficient operation of work and project management.

• Communication effectiveness - convey clear, timely persuasive message that positively influences the thoughts and actions of others at various levels in the organization.

• Facilitation - coordinate and lead small groups, creating cooperative and production environment in which to resolve issues or develop and implement plans

• Change management - understands how change control is required to maintain integrity of a process, product and system, ability to standardize and simplify complex systems.

• Planning - logically integrating various ideas, intentions and information to form effective goals, objectives, timeliness, action plans and solutions.

• Proactive Cooperation -  must have good credibility with all levels of the organization

• Flexibility for travel to support the factories and participate in Network activities (20-40%)

• Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, remote meeting software