Customer Service Representative

Columbus, OH, United States
Feb 13, 2017
Apr 19, 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

If you are driven by a passion to do something meaningful that changes lives, Nestlé is the place for you. Nestlé employees have the opportunity to make a long-term impact on society while personally contributing to company success every day.

Quality assurance and product safety are core business principles at Nestlé and the Nestlé Quality Assurance Center (NQAC) is responsible for ensuring that all Nestlé products are safe and that the highest product safety is delivered to Nestlé's customers. NQAC's world class microbiological and food chemistry laboratories provide comprehensive testing services to all Nestlé factories, suppliers, and co-manufacturers in North America in order to ensure this quality assurance and product safety mission is continuously reached.

Nestlé employees and their commitment to this mission are the company's most valuable assets. Nestlé provides targeted development opportunities that allow all employees to grow within their current role as well as within the larger Nestlé market. In addition, Nestlé offers exceptional rewards, health, and retirement benefits to the lives of our employees and their families are enhanced and that the company continues to be the worldwide leader in nutrition, health, and wellness.

The Nestle Quality Assurance Center of Dublin, OH is responsible for providing specialized laboratory services ensuring Nestlé products are safe, satisfy all applicable regulatory requirements and meet the quality expectations of our customers and consumers.


The Coordinator Lab Client Services Lead provides an additional layer of quality and efficiency to the Customer Service Department of the Nestlé Quality Assurance Center of Dublin. The Coordinator Lab Client Services Lead efficiently and effectively provides information and customer support services when needed to all Customer factories and customers serviced by NQAC Dublin laboratories. The Coordinator Lab Client Services Lead facilitates resolution of escalated issues as needed, and assists when needed with all other technical support functions for internal sample receipt and delivery such as retrieving/preparing retest samples various areas at NQAC, assisting in login and/or shipping/receiving to process samples, unloading/accepting courier truck deliveries during special circumstances. The Coordinator Lab Client Services Lead also functions as a deviation specialist whom communicates submission issues to the customer while handling the deviated samples and storing them in the proper location until ready to be processed. The Coordinator Lab Client Services Lead demonstrates the highest level of internal/external customer service skills and team-orientation while also exhibiting a sound understanding of NQAC Dublin analytical testing capabilities, customer base, and sample submission & processing requirements.




·         Presents ideas effectively, actively listens and works across functional boundaries with the ability to effectively communicate with customers and co-workers. Attends conference calls as needed.


·         Conducts a timely and accurate review of sample analysis information requests.

·         Researches and timely resolves customer inquiries through email and/or phone calls.

·         Investigates issues in regards to amended/missing report requests where verifying the retain samples is needed in the storage locations.

·         Retrieving/preparing retest samples from various locations in the facility which may lead to pulling ~25lb totes of shelves above head level.

·         Resolving SAP customer submission issues and communication.

·         Backfills into Login or Shipping/Receiving or Customer Service deviations where standing and sample/box movement is necessary.

Quality Assurance

·         Initiates corrective actions or OBS's for quality or customer issues.

·         Updates/ initiates SOP's or Standards.


·         Trains other employees as instructed and/or required for any of the analytical functions listed above. Must be able to demonstrate how to perform the job themselves while training. 


·         Maintains functional knowledge of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) required to complete job responsibilities within the department.

·         Update SOP's, Forms, Training Records to Date, Train New Associates, Functions Delegated by Managers as required.


·         Undergraduate degree with some courses in science is preferred.

·         Functional capacity as a team builder and team participant

·         Demonstrated some ability to evaluate information and form appropriate recommendations

·         Above average decision-making, communication & interpersonal skills

·         Above average customer service and resolution skills

·         Ability to handle multiple situations & tasks simultaneously

·         Good application of organizational skills & attention to detail

·         Ability to work independently with minimal supervision during normal business hours.

·         Ability to cover Customer Service Department alone on scheduled working holidays for a minimum of 8 hours or otherwise approved by Customer Service Manager.

·         Demonstrate flexibility to cover weekends or after hour shifts to allow for PTO coverage.

·         Competence in software literacy, including LIMS and Microsoft Office.


·         Some exposure to food processing or Quality Assurance is beneficial to identify the concerns and challenges of the customer.

·         Experience working in/with an analytical laboratory is preferred.


·         Functional capacity as a team builder and team participant. Can work in group or alone; oriented towards the good of the whole.

·         Strong attention to detail; balances, analyzes and takes appropriate action.

·         High stress-tolerance and ability to maintain stable performance under pressure or opposition, such as time pressure or job ambiguity.

·         Demonstrates initiative; is a self-starter, gets involved quickly, takes on difficult tasks with enthusiasm. Takes action to achieve goals beyond what is required.

·         Maintains high activity productivity level. Operates with vigor, effectiveness and determination over extended periods of time.

·         Demonstrated ability to evaluate information and form appropriate recommendations.

·         Strong decision-making, communication & interpersonal skills.

·         Excellent customer service and resolution skills.

·         Ability to handle multiple situations & tasks simultaneously.

·         Strong application of organizational skills & attention to detail.

·         Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

·         Competence in software literacy, including LIMS (preferred) and Microsoft Office.