Coffee Process Engineering Specialist

Columbus, OH, United States
Sep 02, 2016
Mar 29, 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Position Description:

Manage the development, innovation and renovation of extraction based projects delivering improvements in products/processes/systems. This includes project phases from inception through all stages of development. Build extended expertise and apply his/her knowledge in the field to provide relevant scientific/technical guidance in response to business and consumer needs. Understand and is able to integrate more widely the science beyond her/his expertise field in product/process development. Focus also on hydrolysis aspects of extraction with special skills and knowledge.

Position Summary:

  • Lead or support projects and contribute significantly to the attainment of business objectives through the application of extraction and hydrolysis knowledge
  • Provide technical guidance on processes, processing parameters, and equipment to team members.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manage or function as a core team member in the development, innovation and renovation of products/processes/systems from inception through all stages of development. Bring extraction and hydrolysis skills to project team especially related to the process and operations delivering the innovation.

  • Provide projects budget and resources management skills

  • Lead or support project through development and implementation stages. This includes collaborating fully across Nestle sites and also with external partners, as required.

  • Develop innovative solutions, including equipment design/ modifications as needed during project development. This also includes integration into science/technology networks and platforms.

  • Maintain/strengthen high quality of core competency within the group.

  • Investigate and evaluate new technologies, concepts, processes, products or equipment, and develop applications of findings to new uses.

  • Communicate progress, both orally and written,  to all levels of Nestle Management

  • Supervision and training of operators in pilot plant and factories.

  • Comply with Nestlé Integrated Management System and all other company policies and procedures.

Requirements and Minimum Education Level:

  • Chemical Engineering degree and/or PhD in food engineering/technology, chemical engineering or equivalent
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of R&D and/or operating; factory experience
  • Have extraction and hydrolysis knowledge especially in coffee
  • Up to date knowledge of quality, safety and hygiene requirements
    Ability to manage resources and budget requirements within project
  • Plus to have an economical education or understanding on finance/costing and marketing