Staying Motivated While Job Seeking

It’s tough writing letter after letter, trawling through ads, nearly getting there but not quite. So how do you cope with the knock-backs? No, getting drunk won’t help and neither will escaping to crew on a yacht in the Bahamas… although that would be nice! Even the most successful people have all had tough times – it’s part of the process of success. If getting what you wanted was easy everyone would be there! Keep smiling, a sense of humour is essential and follow these handy hints:

1. Look at the positives. Okay, so you’ve been for interview after interview, but at least you got to the interview stage so you must be doing something right! If you haven’t had any then maybe you should be looking at your CV to see if you can improve on it.

2. Subscribe to receive job alerts by email. That way you can casually stay in touch with all the latest vacancies, without having to trawl through websites on a regular basis.

3. Phone some key industry players on spec… people like that kind of self-motivation. It may not yield instant results but you never know, a vacancy may suddenly come up and if you’re already on someone’s radar then it’s all the more likely that they’ll think of you.

4. Re-train for an alternative career. More and more people are switching careers these days so don’t be afraid to completely change direction. Last years’ motor mechanic could easily be this years’ salesman, it just takes a little time and a leap of faith.

5. Make the most of your spare time as you will have a job soon! Use your time to get fit or do a few of the things you’ve always promised yourself you’d get around to. Let’s face it, that woodchip in the spare room really has to go, so take this opportunity to spruce the house up a bit.

6. Stop gap jobs. Before your career relaunches itself it’s a good idea to take on a stopgap job even if it’s just to keep the wolf from the door! Try something different that you’ve always fancied having a bash at. So even if your new role as a florist is only for a couple of months, it’ll still be an entertaining diversion.

7. Take some time out to travel. Obviously a year off on a back packing mission in India might not be an option but a month off could be a good idea. You’ll return refreshed and ready to get back in the ring. Also while you’re away you can stay in touch by logging onto FoodNavigatorJobs from your mobile. You could even fire off a few job applications from the beach!

8. Protect your self-confidence: make a list. Constant rejection can really damage some people’s self-confidence and this is a vicious circle, because those with low self-confidence then often perform less well in interviews. Work hard towards keeping your confidence high, perhaps by writing a list of your achievements, either in your career or in your life as a whole. Remember the sense of pride you felt at, for example, being awarded your degree. Try to recapture that next time you are feeling low.

9. Remember the high points. If you decide you want to continue searching for a job under difficult circumstances, then this shows a good deal of courage and commitment: just the sort of skills that will stand you in good stead when you do get a job! When times are hard, remind yourself of why you want your particular career, or why it’s so rewarding clinching that deal. Being able to visualise these moments of satisfaction will give you the confidence to go on in your search for the perfect job.

10. Do something to boost your CV every day. One of the most dispiriting things about job seeking is the feeling that nothing will ever change; you will always be chasing that perfect job. If you can do something to boost your CV every day, then this eliminates that feeling of powerlessness. Spruce up your CV, and whatever you do avoid daytime telly, Richard and Judy didn’t get where they are today by loafing in front of the box!

“Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill


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